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Dear Customer,

I hope this is not too much information at once but we have four important update messages for you.


Medium Veg1. Price increase.
It is again two years since we increased our prices. Wages and costs keep going up so we need to let you know that we are adding 50p to the price of all our veg bags from next week onwards. This is a modest but necessary increase and I hope you will not be too surprised.

2. Fruit selections.
We are merging the small and medium fruit into one Regular Fruit size at a cost of £7. We will, therefore, go forward with two sizes; Regular for £7 and Large stays at £10. This makes more sense for our packers and we hope for you too. If you are currently getting a small or medium fruit you will, from next week, get a Regular fruit unless we hear from you otherwise.

3. Apples.
A few customers order extra apples with their delivery. Apples have had a bad season and prices have gone up to reflect this. Apples are now £1.90 a lb.

4. Website.
For existing customers who want to use the new website facilities, we have discovered that by far the easiest way to give you access to our new website is if you log on as a new customer, make your order and submit it. We will then update your new account with any outstanding balance and cancel the old account. If you currently pay by standing order then please remember to update the new prices or you can choose “the pay by card” option at the checkout instead.

Next week your delivery driver will leave a card with the new price total of your order reflecting any of the above changes.

Best regards,