Regular Organic Vegetable Box

From: £10.50 every 2 weeks

Regular variety selection of freshly picked seasonal vegetables delivered weekly or fortnightly. Most of these are grown, harvested and packed on our farm with some help from other organic farm friends.
You will get potatoes (optional), carrots and onions most weeks along with seasonal greens & roots.
The photo will give you an idea of the quantity in this order. The content will change throughout the year and offer a variety of flavours and colours.

New Customers
Orders will be processed up to 24 hours before delivery days which are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays according to the area you live in. We will contact you after your order to confirm your delivery day.

CARD CUSTOMERSYour card will be charged early on Tuesday advance of the delivery for that week. Please ensure you have made any changes or Pauses by Monday so you don’t get over/undercharged for any changes online OR by email by 4pm Monday.

Make sure you select your FREQUENCY & POTATO OPTION before adding to the basket.


Organic Fruit

All bags contain Apple, oranges & bananas:
– Regular Fruit – 4lb
– Large Fruit – 6lb

Organic Free-range Eggs

Select a pack of 6, 12, 18 or 24 delicious organic free-range eggs. For any more, please contact us after placing your order. Bulk Egg purchases are available at discounted price.


Please select if you want additional portions. The extra fruit variety for £5 is only available when ordering a fruit bag. Please select from these extras

Raw / Juicing Selection

Organic seasonal fruit, roots & greens perfect for your weekly juicing or raw eating

Extra Options / Exclusions

Click here for any exclusions

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