Vegetable Delivery

From: £12.75 / week

A variety selection of freshly picked seasonal vegetables delivered weekly or fortnightly. Most of the vegetables are grown, harvested and packed on our farm with some help from other organic farm friends from a co-operative based in Europe.
You will get potatoes (optional), carrots and onions most weeks along with seasonal greens & roots.
The content will change throughout the year and offer a variety of flavours and colours.

We will contact you after your order to confirm your delivery day.

Payment comes out every Tuesday in advance of the delivery for that week.
Please ensure you have made any adjustments or pauses by Monday so you don’t get over/undercharged for any changes online OR by email by 4pm Monday.

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Vegetable Net


Fruit Bag - Regular

4lb bag of fruit containing apple, oranges and bananas.


Fruit Bag - Large

6lb bag of fruit containing apple, oranges and bananas. There may even be the occasional lemon or pear!


6 Eggs

Organic Free-Range eggs sourced from Farm Lay Eggs.

Carrots 500g

Add extra carrots to your order.

Onions 500g

Add extra onion to your order.

Potatoes 1kg

Add extra potatoes to your order.

1kg Sweet Potatoes

Add Sweet Potatoes to your order.

6 Apples

Add Apples to your order.


Add Lemons to your order.


Add Ginger to your order (£1 for 80 to 100g depending on the season).


Add Garlic to your order.

Extra Veg Variety

Add additional varieties of vegetables to your order worth £5.


Raw / Juicing Box

Add the Raw / Juicing box to your order.

Choose your frequency